About Us

We're a small, Black-owned, DC Metro-based clothing brand specializing in faith-based, socially conscious statement apparel.

When COVID-19 hit and left us working from home, we found ourselves looking for casual clothing that made a statement and was comfortable enough to last an all-day Zoom meeting. With the pandemic lingering and well...2020, we wanted to create. We wanted to make things that were inspiring, that spoke to the Culture, that brought levity, light and hopefulness, all embodied in something as casual as a T-Shirt. So we started Garmmentary. And since our launch we've come to see Garmmentary as more than a T-Shirt brand. With every garment we produce, we want to provoke discussion, spur introspection, garner awareness, and encourage the exchange of ideas. Our take on social commentary attempts to strike the balance between humor and gravitas. We hope you'll find something here that resonates with you and reflects who you are.

Hit us up on social media with our hashtag #Garmmentary and let us know how you garment.