Sometimes the Enemy of Better is Before

Sometimes the Enemy of Better is Before

Things are just different now.

We're living in new times. The pandemic was the start of things being totally, completely, and utterly new. I mean like new-new. But this isn't a novel concept. We're constantly faced with circumstances that require us to change from the things we're accustomed to and embrace the new normal.  

"I got a new job! another state."

"The kids are off to college! Now what do we do?"

"Oh, we doing meetings in person now?"

The enemy will have you longing for how things once were. And that's the trap. He can't take what's yours, so he'll work like hell to have you focused on what once was, seduced by the nostalgia of familiarity, instead of concentrating your gaze on what God has coming for you. The enemy will have you all in your feelings about how different things are from before, or what you think you're losing from before, or all the friends you used to ran with before, or how many followers you had, how much money you were making, your station in life, or anything but the promise God made to you. The enemy can't take what's been promised to you. But if he can keep you down, keep you crying about what you've lost, then he can convince you that nothing is coming, and trap you in a spiral of doubt, disbelief, and faithlessness.

Hold out in faith that God is a promise keeper. Don't look back and long for what once was when He's got you on track to a new beginning. So embrace Zoom meetings and FaceTime dates. Order dinner from that shee-shee foo-foo spot; they deliver now. Take online classes and get your degree...your Masters...your PhD! Start a business. Whatever it is, continue on the path forward that God has set you on. His plan for our future is always better than what we had before.


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